Enfield Jungle Carbine #2 for sale


$599.00 or reasonable offer

See more pictures below

I am offering for sale one of my Jungle Carbines.

I have more of these that I will be listing in the fullness of time, so don't be a stranger.

This particular Carbine is a matching numbers gun, right down to the stock.

Included is a correct British web sling.
Everything is in very excellent condition.

As with many of the weapons in my collection, I have not fired it, but it has a nice clean bore.

Check out the pictures and if you have any questions or need a particular picture, drop me a line at bsa65@ptd.net.

If my financial situation were not suffering with the economy, you would not have a chance at this weapon.

I will accept payment by cash in person, USPS money orders, bank wire transfers, certified checks, Western Union wire transfer, gold or valuable gems. ;-)
  Your bank will tell you they are the same.  They are not.
The bad guys got here before you with other forms of payment.

First born children and wives are not accepted, I have enough of them. ;-0

I am not a dealer.  I am just a retired fellow whose retirement plan did not meet it's promises, so my collection must go to pay bills.

Stop back from time to time because the list will change as I have time to photograph and list.

I will be listing till all are sold.

OK, here's the fine print...It's an old gun.  I will not warranty that it is safe to shoot. As with any used weapon, one must have it checked by a gunsmith prior to firing.
Shipping and FFL costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.
The sale must comply with all state and federal laws in effect at the time of the sale.


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